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Beijing, China daily Blog and Journal.
Travel Writing, Blog, Travelogue

(June 28 - July 15, 2005)

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June 28 Beijing. We made a reservation at Far East Youth Hostel through and it was recommended by Elaine and Rachel who we met in the Wulingyuan National Park.  We also chose this hostel because it was located in a Hutong (old Chinese neighborhood), walking distance to Tianiman square, and it had wireless internet.  Well it turned out that it did not have wireless internet and we had to connect via their router but the other things are true.  When we arrived we rolled the bikes in the lobby and the assistant manager said that she did not want our bikes inside, we said we were not going to leave our bikes outside, not a good first introduction.  We ended up putting our bikes in the courtyard across the street.  The bikes were secure the entire time we were at the hostel however I would not call this a bike friendly hostel simply because I prefer my bike in my room.  Other than that we really enjoyed staying at the Far East, the staff was pleasant and spoke English and the courtyard was a great place to hang out and meet other tourists.  We met a Dutch man who now lives in Mongolia and Lloyd an American who is working for the World Wildlife Fund, we will post some of his photos from Beijing.  We also met Gloria a graduate student in Beijing studying international business, she taught me a lot about the Chinese culture.  
June 29 We quickly went to work looking for a place to change our L tourist visa to a F business visa.  We found Vista Productions advertising in a magazine called "That's Beijing" on the internet.  We went to their office to met them and decide whether we were going to give them our passport.  We gave them our passport and they said that it would take at least 7 business days to complete the process.  Our F visa which is good for 6 months, with no additional entries cost 1360 ($170) Yuan each. It took a bit longer to get our visa back then expected, we picked up our passports on July 13, 11 business days later.  Overall it was a lot cheaper for us to get our new Visa here in Beijing than to fly to Hong Kong and get a new Visa there.  
June 30 We wandered around the Hutongs of Beijing with Lloyd who we met in the Youth hostel.  The hutongs are an old style of living in Beijing that is being replaced by the modern new high rise.  The hutong is a close knit neighborhood where every knows everyone.  Each house has living quarters and a courtyard while the bathroom is shared with the neighbors.  These public bathrooms are being renovated and even have a western style seat in some of them.  Most of the older ones I would not go in.  Everything and anything happens on the streets of the hutong, I saw grandma pushing a homemade baby stroller, grandpa walking the dog, men working right outside their door fixing bicycles and playing mahjong.  The streets are narrow and an ideal place to explore by bicycle.  The car has made inroads into the hutong but usually they are stuck in traffic waiting for a pedicab ( bicycle taxi) or bike loaded with goods to go by.  
July 1 - 15 Aunt Joan arrived in Beijing on July 7, she is on a three week tour of China.  I want to say thanks for bringing our gear to my Aunt Joan who recently met us in Beijing.  When Aunt Joan wrote and told us she was coming I was elated.  First, because I had not seen her in a long time and second because I think China is a great place to travel.  As time went by we realized that she could bring us some things from the States that are hard to get here.  The top of my list was medicine like Neosporin. Going to a Chinese pharmacy is like going to a herb store and not being able to read the signs.  I loved all the herbs but have no idea what herb was for what. So I ordered Neosporin, Vitamins, Sunscreen and Pepto bismol over the internet and had it shipped to Aunt Joan.  Then Tim needed a new pair of pants and bike jersey, then we decided to buy folding tires and bike chains.  We did not think these things weighted that much, by themselves at least.  Oh and our camera was broke too.  First we looked around in Beijing for a new camera and could not find what we wanted at the price we wanted. So we ordered a new camera over the internet and shipped it to Aunt Joan too.  We met Aunt Joan the night she arrived and were shocked when we picked up our bag and it weight over 15 lbs.  Wow, she hauled a lot over here for us.  Luckily they did not charge more for the extra weight. Now our bikes will get new chains and we have sunscreen too.   We love our new Sony HC90 too.  
  On one of days in Beijing we decided to go and hike the Great Wall from Jinshanling to Simatai.  We paid 80 Y ($10) each for transportation and 65 Y ($8) for entrance to the Great Wall and bridge crossing.  It took us a whopping 5 hours to get out there and 3 to get back.  The tour group was a bit unorganized to say the least.  However, the hike was beautiful and well worth the effort.  We finally left the smog of Beijing behind and could see blue sky.  The hike took the 4 hours allotted, there was no time to sit and gaze at this wonderful piece of history, a little more time would have been nice.  Also, as soon as we went to the wall we were followed by locals trying to act as guides or sell us something.  We kept telling them we did not want a guide and they did not leave us alone until we told them we did not have any money.  I suppose some people may want a guide but I feel that talking about this up front is the way to go not demand money once the hike is over.  I would recommend bringing plenty of water, the locals only sell small half liter bottles and we Tim and I drank two liters each and still had to buy water.  We met Jessie and Angel from the US on the hike.  
  Beijing is a shopping Mecca, more that I thought would be.  Women's clothes and shoes in every style imaginable.  We did not buy our camera here but could have for about 30 - 40% more.  However, we did buy camera accessories like a 512 memory stick for 400 Y ($50) much cheaper than the US.  We also bought a UV and polarizer filter and wide angle lens.  
  We finally made it to the Forbidden City, we waited until we had our camera.  It was an extremely busy tour day, summer vacation had just started and the tour groups were in full swing.  We have included a picture of the Palace of Harmony in our photo journal, one is a photo that Lloyd took while the place was completely empty (how he got this shot is beyond me) and another when we were there and the place was completely full. What a difference.  The Palace Museum also know as the Forbidden City is under a huge renovation project so a lot of the buildings were off limits.  I hope to come back here for the 2008 Olympics and visit again.  I love the history surrounding these places, it is a large part of Chinese history.  Many emperors lived here with the wives and concubines, what the concubines did with their time, I haven't a clue.  I can only guess that there was a lot of gossiping going on.  The cost of the city was a bit of a disappointment because on top of the entrance fee of 60 Y ($7.50) there were extra fees to see the water clock, the dragon wall, the hall of jewelry and a few other places.  We bought a ticket for 15 Y ( 1.88) thinking it was the ticket to the forbidden city and it turned out to be the ticket to the Tiananmen gate.  We went up on the gate only to be shuffled off because some dignitary was visiting Beijing and they were clearing out the area.  Tiananmen square was void of people and the military was showing off their artillery pulled behind SUVs. We would later find out the dignitary was our Secretary of State Condelessa Rice. This event was not published in the local news.  
  By far my favorite place that we visited was the Summer Palace.  This was the place where I could get a feel for what it was like to be an Emperor or Empress. Some of the buildings had the furniture used by the Emperor still in them.  This was not the case at the Forbidden City.  The famous Empress Cixi of the Qing dynasty spent most of her time here.  She picked the last emperor Puyi.  I would recommend a full day for the Summer Palace, there are gardens to explore, dragon boats to ride, and temples to view.  

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INDEX #3: SE Asia / China
11-22-04 to 9-15-06

1North and
Central America
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2 South America
6-3-03 to 6-17-04

3 SE Asia / China
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4 Australia
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5 New Zealand
9-16-07 to 5-2-08
6 Alaska, Canada, and the USA
5-3-08 to 4-30-10
7 India. Nepal, and the Subcontinent
5-1-10 to present

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November 22 - December 15, 2004
Bangkok, to Aranyaprathet, Thailand

Cindie's Daily Journals
Thailand #1

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INTRO Crossing Over to the Other Side: Relocating to Asia

LETTER Thailand: Landing in a Whole New World.

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Thailand Thumbnail Pictures

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- Bangkok, Thailand
- Royal Barge Museum
- Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand
- Wat Phra Kaew and Temple of the Emerald Buddha
- Pictures of Wat Pho
- Bangkok to Chanthaburi, Thailand.
- Island Ko Samet National Park
- Thailand's famous Thai Food
- Chanthaburi to Aranya Prathet and the Cambodian border.


 December 16- January 16, 2005
Cambodia and Angkor Wat
Poipet to Tien Bien, Cambodia

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Cambodia Daily Journal

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Cambodia: Poverty Does Not Equal Crime.

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Cambodia Thumbnail Pictures

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- Pictures of  Poverty in Cambodia: Poipet to Siem Reap
- Picture from Angkor Wat, Cambodia
- Temples Bayon, Angkor Thom
Ta Prom (Temple where Tomb Raider was filmed)
- Preah Khan, Neak Poan, Eastern Mebon, Banteay Kei, Ta Som, Pre Rup

- Siem Reap, Cambodia
- Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
- Phnom Penh, Cambodia
- Tuol Sleng S.21 Museum of Genocidal Crime
- Killing Fields of Pol Pot Cambodia
- Phnom Penh to Tinh Bien


(January 16 - February 17 , 2005)
Vietnam #1.
Tinh Bien to Cau Ganh, Vietnam

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Online South Vietnam Journal

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)

Best Place to see Pictures
South Vietnam Thumbnails

Full size Picture Pages

- Chau Doc to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
- Floating Market and Boat Trip Tour
- Vietnam War Remnants Museum
- Cuchi Tunnels, Saigon, Vietnam
- Cuchi Tunnels Cu Chi near Saigon, Vietnam
- Pictures from Dalat, Vietnam
- Bicycling from Dalat to Buon Ma Thuot
- Jun Village
- Buon Ma Thuot to Cau Ganh

(February 18. - April 2, 2005)
Vietnam #2.
Cau Ganh, to Lang Son, Vietnam

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Daily Journal for North Vietnam.

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)

Best Place to see Pictures
North Vietnam Thumbnail Pictures.

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- Cau Ganh to Hoi An
- Hoi An, Vietnam
- China Beach to Hue.
- Marble Mountain
- The Citadel in Hue
- Impoverished Highland Market Can Cau.
- Poverty Village of Bac Ha.

Hanoi water puppet

(April 3 - May 21, 2005)
Guangxi, China
Pingxiang to CongJiang, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Finally in China!

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Three Years and Still Going

Best Place to see Pictures
Best Thumbnail Pictures of Guangxi, China

Full size Picture Pages

- Pingxiang to Nanning, China
- Nanning, Guangxi to Liuzhou
- China's Karst Topography Landscape.
- Liuzhou to Yangshou, Guangxi, China
- Zhuo Yue English College in Yangshuo, China
- Li River bamboo boat trip in Yangshou..
- Ancient Chinese Stone Village of Fuli.
- Impressions light, dance, and music.
- Mountain biking through Yu Long Valley.
- Guilin to Congjiang Guangxi, China
- Reed Flute Cave Guilin China.
- Ping'an Guangxi, China.
- Dragon's Backbone and Rice Terraces.


May 22 - June 27, 2005

  Guizhou and Hunan, China
Congjiang to Zhangjiajie National Park China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Guizhou, China

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Made in China: Free Birds in a Caged World!

Best Place to see Pictures
Pictures of Guizhou, China.

Full size Picture Pages

- Congjiang to Kaili, Guizhou, China
- Kaili Guizhou - Wulingyuan National Park, Hunan.
- Wulingyuan (Zhangjiajie) National Park, Hunan.


(June 28 - July 15, 2005)

Beijing, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Beijing, China daily Blog and Journal

Best Place to see Pictures
Best and favorite pictures from Beijing, China

Full size Picture Pages

- Pictures from Beijing, China
- Pictures of Forbidden City, China
- Summer Palace
- Great Wall from Jinshanling Simatai, China.
- Badaling Section of the Great Wall of China


(July 16 - Sept. 3, 2005)
Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, China.
Beijing to Xian, Shaanxi, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, China daily journal (blog)

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
The Many Faces of China: Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, Provinces.!

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail pictures from Inner Mongolia, China.

Full size Picture Pages

- Beijing to Jining, Inner Mongolia.
- Grasslands of Jining, to Wuchuan (near) Hohhot
- Hohhot to Bautou, Inner Mongolia, China
- Wudang Lamasary
- Bautou to Yulin, Shanxi, China with Photos from Genghis Khan's Mausoleum.
- Yulin to Yanan, Shaanxi, China
- Chairman Mao's Headquarters and Residence in Yanan, China.
- Yanan to Xian, Shaanxi, China.
- Terracotta Warriors #1
- Terracotta Warriors #2.


 (Sept. 4 - Oct. 29, 2005)

Sichuan, China
Chengdu, to Zongdian, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Sichuan Blog

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Into Occupied Territory: Tibet!

Best Place to see Pictures
Sichuan Thumbnail Photos

Full size Picture Pages

- Giant Panda Breeding Center #1
- Red Panda  in Chengdu, Sichuan, China #2
- Chengdu to Kangding.
- Kangding, Sichuan, located in Southwestern China.
- Mugecuo Lake near Kangding, Sichuan, China.
- Kangding to Xinduqiao
- Xinduqiao to Tibetan Home Stay.
- Tibetan Home Stay to 4718 meter (15,475 feet)
- to Litang, Sichuan, China.
- Litang Lamasary Tibetan Buddhist Monk Monastery
- Litang to Sumdo, Tibet
- Sumdo to Xiangcheng
- Xiangcheng to Derong, Tibet.
- Derong, Sichuan Province to Tibetan Shangri-La, (Zongdian)


(Oct. 30 - Dec. 24, 2005)

Yunnan, China
Zongdian to Mohan, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Yunnan daily blog - journal

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Out of China: slipping past the watchful eye of censorship.

Best Place to see Pictures
Yunnan thumbnail photos

Full size Picture Pages

- Shangri-La, - Lijiang - Dali, China.
- Dali to Jingdong, Yunnan
- Jingdong to Puer
- Puer to Jinghong, Yunnan, China
- Xishuangbanna Tropical Flowers and Plants Garden.
- Mengla to Mohan, Yunnan, China (border with Laos))


December.25, 2005 - January 23, 2006
Boten to Vientiane

Cindie's Daily Journals
Laos daily blog journal

Click here for our first downloadable video called

Best Place to see Pictures
Laos Thumbnail pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Boten to Oudomxia, Laos.
- Laos Wood Carving Factory
- Oudomaxi - Luang Pabong
- Luang Phrabang, Laos: Monks, Wats, and a boat tour on the Mekong River.
- Luang Phrabang to Vang Vieng, #1
- Luang Phrabang to Vang Vieng, #2
- Vientiane, Laos


January 23 - March 12, 2006

Northeast Thailand
Nong Khai, Thailand to Bangkok

Cindie's Daily Journals
Northeast Thailand Blog and Daily Journal

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Four Years DownTheRoad!

Best Place to see Pictures
Northeast Thailand Thumbnail Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Nong Khai to Dan Si
- Dan Si to Lop Buri
- The Ancient Ruins and Historic Temples of Ayuthaya
- Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.


(March 13 - April 18, 2006)

Southern Thailand
Hua Hin to Satun, Thailand

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's latest daily journal for South Thailand.  Now with over 4 years of entries!

5 minute Thailand Video

Best Place to see Pictures
Pictures from South Thailand.

Full size Picture Pages

- Hua Hin to Ranong
- Ranong to Krabi
- Boat Tour of Ao Phang Nga Bay
- Ko Lanta Beach to Satun Tropical Thailand


(April 18 - Sept. 15, 2006)

  Malaysia #1
Langkawi, Malaysia to Parit Buntar

Cindie's Daily Journals Malaysia

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Two 1-Way Tickets to Australia Please

Best Place to see Thumbnail Pictures of Malaysia

Full size Picture Pages

- Langkawi to Nebong Tebal
- Underwater World Aquarium Langkawi
- Bird Paradise, Langkawi, Malaysia.
- Malaysian Home Stay and Cyclist Guest House.
- Traditional Tamil Indian Wedding
- Malaysian Home Cooking and Traditional Food
- Hand Made Pottery Factory
- Chinese Fishing Village and Party.
- Toddy Plantation Farm and Palm Oil Production.
- Malaysian Chinese Temple of Heaven and Hell.
- Malaysian Indian Hindu Temple and Religious Ceremony


(May to August, 2006)
Malaysia #2

Tanah Rata to Taiping, Malaysia

Cindie's Daily Journals

Video: Malaysian David's Cyclist Home Stay (5:35 min)

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail pictures of Malaysia #2

Full size Picture Pages

- Cameron Highlands Trails and National Park
- Butterfly Garden
- Boh Tea and Sungai Palas Tea Plantation and farm
- Mardi Research Center, Tanah Rata
- Tanah Rata, Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia
- Indian Fire Walking Ceremony at the Hindu Temple
- Our 8th Wedding Anniversary the Cultural Indian Way
- Chinese Cultural Opera and Traditional Arts Celebration
- Malaysian Indian Religion
- Malaysian Guesthouse and Homestay #2


(July - Sept. 15, 2006)
Malaysia #3 and Singapore.
Taiping, Malaysia to Singapore

Cindie's Daily Journals for Malaysia

Best Place to see Pictures
Malaysia #3 and Singapore

Full size Picture Pages

- Penang hill Chinese Temple
- Taiping to Melaka, Malaysia.
- Taman Alam Kuala Selangor Natural Park
- Melaka, Malaysia, Southeast Asia.
- Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and Chinese Hill (Bukit China) Cemetery
- Melaka, Malaysia to Singapore

1North and
Central America
3-30-02 to 4-17-03

2 South America
6-3-03 to 6-17-04

3 SE Asia / China
11-22-04 to

4 Australia
9-15-06 to 9-15-07

5 New Zealand
9-16-07 to 5-2-08
6 Alaska, Canada, and the USA
5-3-08 to 4-30-10
7 India. Nepal, and the Subcontinent
5-1-10 to present
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