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The story of how I saved money, quit my job, sold my possessions, and set off to endlessly travel by bike around the world. My Plan

My 3 Books
I write, self publish and sell books about touring

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India and Neighbors
May 2010 to present

Alaska / Canada / USA
May 2008 to April 2010

New Zealand
Sept 2007 to May 2008

Sept 2006 to Sept 2007

SE Asia / China
Nov 2004 to Sept 2006

South America
June 2003 to June 2004

AZ, Mexico, and Central America
March 2002 to April 2003

How I started
The 5 years before I left

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How Much to Bring and Weight
Some Advice About Advice
A Note to Perspective Sponsors and Gear Suppliers
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START HERE for Touring Bikes and Commuting Bicycles
Custom Touring Bicycles and Bike Upgrade Buyers Guide
Bicycle Touring Frames 
The Steel Repair Myth.
Steel and Aluminum Derailleur Hanger Repair.
Bicycle Touring Wheels
Phil Wood: The Best Bicycle Hubs

Panniers / Bike Bags
Cargo Trailers Vs Panniers
Tires for Bike Tours..
Bicycle Touring Saddles.
Women's Specific Bike Touring Saddles
Brooks Leather Touring Bicycle Saddle Care and Conditioning
Bike Computer
Touring Handlebars, Bar Ends, Adjustable Stems, and Padded Grips.
Sealed Cartridge Headsets

How to prevent flat tires
Bike Route Trails and Maps

Buying Camping Equipment
Tent and Ground Cloth
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad
Camp Stove
Pots and Pans
Water Filter
First Aide Kits
Solar Power for Camp

Bike Touring Shorts

Short-wave Radio
Bicycle touring lights

Packing list
Pictures of Equipment Failures

See My Videos Here

(see all 3 book)

Most Common Bicycle Touring Roadside Repairs

On a short tour (under three weeks) you may not have any mechanical issues but after 3-6 months, problems should be expected. You need to be prepared with enough tools and spares to be self-contained and self-sufficient.

This list covers the most frequent repairs I've encountered on tour.

- flat tire - see preventing flat tires
- replace broken spokes
- replace broken cables
- repair broken chain
- tightening bolts
- adjusting gears
- true wheels
- clean and lube chain
- packing/unpacking bikes for airlines


Day Rider
Weekend Warrior

Anyone who does most of their repairs at home and just needs the minimum on their regular rides.

Bicycle Touring

Day rider list with some extras.  Ditch the folding multi tool and replace it with individual tools and a Leatherman with pliers.

International Bike Travel

Everything from the first two  lists plus enough tools and parts to do major repairs and regular maintenance on long trips.

tire levers
patch kit

chain joining links

bike multi tool:
- Allen key set
- wrenches
- chain tool
- screwdrivers
- spoke wrench

presta valve adapter
- if needed

DSC00002.JPG (527471 bytes)

tire pressure gauge
chain tool
spoke wrench
Allen key set
cassette remover
8 and 10 mm wrenches
cone wrenches
chain lube
- rag
- needle nose pliers
- knife blades
- screwdrivers
- can opener
- bottle opener
- other tools

replacement spokes
extra derailer cable

If Needed:
- headset/pedal wrench
- crank puller
- disk brake wrench and parts

chainring bolt tool
cable cutters
bottom bracket tool
real Allen keys

extra brake pads
extra cables and housing
folding spare tire
bike grease

real spokes
short section of chain

stove repair kit
sewing kit
tent and fabric repair
sleeping pad repair
Pannier Repair Kit
leather saddle maintenance kit

These lists do not include extra parts like zip ties, hose clamps, frame bolts, electrical tape, duct tape, super glue and more.

Bicycle Touring
Tips & Advice

- Bike Stuff
- Camping

Touring Bicycles

Tools and Spares

Sleeping Bags
Camping Mattress
Camp Stove
Water Filter
Pots and Pans
First Aide Kits
Solar Power
Bike Maps
Preventing Flat Tires

Bike Computer
Cargo Trailers
Kick Stands
Commuting Bikes

Camp Shower/Toiletry Bag


Bike Shoes
Bike Touring Shorts

Stealth/Free Camp

What I Have Learned On The Road

Dreaming of Endless Travel

Injustice of Poverty

Much MORE Gear Here!

Sponsors (how?)

Cycle Touring Racks

Tents and ground cloths
Sleeping Bags
Camping Mattress Pads

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