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Cindie's Travel Journal for Nicaragua
(Feb. 1 - 20, 2003)

WB01618_.gif (290 bytes)  Previous Journal Thumbnail Photo Page for this Journal Next Journal  WB01620_.gif (288 bytes)
Feb 1 El Paraiso, Honduras - Ocotal, Nicaragua.  It cost us an extra US$5.00 each to get out of Honduras with our bicycles.  US $4.00 for tourist card, US$3.00 entrance fee, paperwork for the bicycles to get into Nicaragua.  Ran into Matt and Sharon an English couple we met in Omoa.  The exchange rate in Nicaragua is 14.58 cordobas per dollar.

The road on the Nicaragua side has just recently been paved.   So the down hill ride to Ocotal was fun and fast.  In Ocotal, we stayed in Hotelita San Marcus for C100 ($6.80).  Private bath, cold water, cable TV. We had to haggle with the owner and even decided to leave because the price was too high, she then decided that she would give us the original price she quoted us.   We spent the rest of the day watching the boob tube. 

36 km

22 miles

Feb 2 Ocotal.  We strolled down to the central park.  On the way to the park we met Alahondro.  Alahondro is a college student from Leon.  Alahondro is also a Sandinista, and proud of it.  We told a little white lie and said we were from Canada.  Something that I do not always like to do but in this case it fit well.   We practiced our Spanish, he practiced his English and we went to lunch.  He explained to us about the revolution and how capitalism is a bad thing.  We tried to explain to him that capitalism in the United States is different then capitalism in Nicaragua.  I really do not think he believed us.  He said he wanted to travel to the United States but he thought that he would be discriminated against and attacked violently.  It is amazing to me the misconceptions we all have about each other.

When we went to lunch we explained that we did not have much money because we just arrived in the country and being that it was Sunday, the banks were not open.  Somehow we ended up paying for his lunch.  Hmm.  Then he invited us out for beers later.  We later decided that we were to tired to go out and we did not want to pick up the tab either.

Feb 3 Ocotal - Esteli.  Since we were low on cash I had to go to the bank before we set out for Esteli.  We climbed out of the valley that Ocotal is in.   We moved along at a good pace with the help of a tailwind and a brand new road surface.  This is the best road we have ridden on since we left the United States.   We stopped for lunch at a major intersection.

In the short amount of time we stopped for lunch the wind direction completely shifted 180 degrees.  So now we had a strong head wind, it was getting hot and we terrain was hilly.

We passed farms that looked like collective farms.  Basically a group of houses clustered around a working area.  The tobacco fields were green and smelled sweet.   Coffee was being harvested and everyone looked busy.  About 25 km from Esteli, about the time I was ready to stop we hit the a hill with 400 meters of relief, and straight into the sun.  Ouch!  We arrived in Esteli about 4:00 PM and stopped at the Texaco and used the ATM.  It worked.  I think it will be easier to get money here then in Honduras.

We stayed at Hotel Nicara.  I would not recommend it for a couple of reasons, 1 the price is too high, 2 we ate breakfast there and were quoted one price before breakfast and another after breakfast.  We noticed that other travelers were having the same problem too.  The internet cafe sign is deceiving, it says 20C per hour when in reality it is 39C per hour all day and 20C from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

80 km

50 miles

Feb 4 Esteli.  We rested most of the day.  We checked email and Tim worked on his letter about Honduras most of the day.  I tried to buy bananas from a local vender and he wanted to charge me 3C for 1 banana.  I laughed at him and said no thanks.  Later down the block I paid 1C for 2 bananas.

We met Erin and Chris from New York, they are near the end of a 4 year trip around the world on BMW motorcycles.   Their web page is    I have only looked at the site briefly but it is full of photos and lots of information.

Feb 5 Esteli.  Tim finished up his letter today.  We went to the Sandinista museum and view photographs of people who were killed during revolutions, at least three different revolutions.  It was obvious that some people were soldiers, some were commanders, and some were innocent by-standers.

We also checked out a local cigar factory.  They were rolling the biggest cigars I have ever seen.  We also met a group of peace Corp volunteers.  Four all together, Jason, Adrian, Jim and Andrea.  They had just started at their site about 2 months ago.  They came from different backgrounds and were working in either agriculture or environmental education.   Jim and Andrea had the cutest boxer puppy with them.

Tim went to the local store and bought 2 bottles of beer.  Usually when you buy a beer you pay a deposit on the bottles until you bring the bottle back.  When we were finished drinking the beer, Tim returned the bottles for his deposit.  The person at the store gave him back 6 cordobas when he should of given him 16 cordobas.  Again, the gringo paid more.  We are constantly nickel and dimmed to death.  Of course, to a Nicaraguan it looks like a gringo can pay extra because they have lots of money.   To us it gets tiring to constantly bargain for a fair price in addition to the daily onslaught of beggars and drunks asking for money.

Before I forget, Happy Birthday to my brother Ed and my good friend Patty and my niece Alisha.

Feb 6 Esteli - Sabeco.  We got a bit of a late start today.  We climbed out of the valley that Esteli is in and dropped into the next valley.  The temperature has started to increase as we drop down from the mountains.  The temperature in Esteli has been around 75 degrees.  We crossed another valley and descended down into another lower valley.  The wind was picking up and our pace was starting to slow down.  Traffic was relatively light.  Then we heard a slow vehicle approaching, we turned and looked and it was a tractor.  As the tractor passed we jumped into it's draft.  At first I was fighting to stay in Tim's draft because I was still fighting a pretty good head wind.  Then Tim moved to the left and I moved up next to him.  Ahhh!  A very nice draft.  We traveled along for 10 km behind this tractor at about 25 kph.  We would pass men riding home from the fields and they would work hard to try and catch up but they would eventually get tired and drop off.  They could never get in the draft but at the same time their machismo would not let them get passed by a gringo, never mind a women.  It most have been a strange site for the locals to see two gringos on loaded touring bikes ride behind a tractor.  We reluctantly dropped off the back of the tractor to stop at the first hotel we found.

When we rode up to the office there was a touring bike parked there.   Minutes later we met Peter from Holland.  Peter is an experienced cycle tourist and has traveled all over the world.  He was arriving from Granada a full 130 km away.  (It would take us two days to ride to Granada).  He always got an early start, the sun rises at about 6:00 am.  Peter was heading north and we were heading south.  We compared maps and discussed road conditions and terrain.  He was heading for the cool mountains and we were heading for the hot lowlands.  Peter had his gear down to the essentials only.  He had the smallest short wave radio.   He like our filter.

48 km
Feb 7 Sabeco- Tipitapa.  Started at 6:45 this morning.  Mostly gentle downhill.  By 11:00 it was 90 degrees.  Hotter then we were use to.  Stopped at Hospedaje Loas.  Met the family from San Jose. 85 km
Feb 8 Tipitapa - Granada.  Tried to start early, Tim had a flat again.  Started at 6:45 am.   Saw two groups of recreational cyclists out on the road.  The terrain was slightly rolling we a slight breeze in the morning.  The road from Masaya to Granada was in terrible shape.  We sat in the plaza and met a couple of Canadians Eddie, Vince and an American, Joe.  While we were sitting there the children of the area were constantly asking for money.  While I was talking to one of the Canadians, I smelled what I thought was glue.  I looked around and right behind me was a young kid about 9 years old sniffing a jar of glue from under his shirt.  I have heard of this problem but this is the first time I was confronted with it directly.  At closer inspection of the park, I noticed about 10 children walking around and obviously on some kind of drug.   Sad.  The Canadians told me that there is a type of orphanage in town that is trying to get kids off of the glue.

Met Caroline and Andy at the youth hostel Hospedaje Central. Discussed world politics.   Our room cost 140C ($10.00) night with a shared bath.  We also had use of a pleasant patio shaded by a roof.  The walls of the Hospedaje are covered with art painted by travelers.

45 km
Feb 9 Sunday in Granada.  On our way to the internet cafe we ran into Joe.   He treated us to a couple of beers and lunch.  He was on his way to a horse festival about 10 km from Granada so we joined him and a local, Manual.  The horse festival was incredible.  I have not seen so many Arabian horses in one spot.   The locals decorate their horses with lots of leather strings.  We also listened to a couple of different marimba bands.  We ended up walking half the day.   So much for a day off.  We were tired when we returned and retired early.  
Feb 10 Granada. Up with the sun this morning we took a stroll down to the pier where the boat for Isla Ometepe will be leaving.  I thought I would check out a local dentist in town to see if I could get my teeth cleaned.  It was a modern office so I asked for a cleaning.  In the process he found a couple of cavities. Yikes, I just wanted to get my teeth cleaned.  I have not gotten a cavity in years, then again, I did not drink soda at all at home and down here I can drink up to 2 or 3 a day when we are riding.  I reluctantly asked him how much it cost.  He said he would charge 330 cordobas for each cavity and 200 cordobas for the cleaning.  So I said go ahead and do all the work.  Tim was surprised I let the dentist fill my cavities, my philosophy is, the less time spent in the dentist chair the better.  Everything came out well and we set up an appointment for Tim to get his teeth cleaned.

Went to the internet and made a couple calls using Dailpad.  The connection was just barely adequate.

Feb 11 Volcano Masaya.  We got up early to catch a minibus to Volcano Masaya.  The ride took about 20 minutes and cost 10 cordobas.  While waiting at the gate for the park to open a SUV pulled up.  They asked us if we wanted a ride up to the top of the volcano.  We gladly except, we did not want to walk the 6.5 kilometers up, since we planned to walk back.

The people who picked us up were Iranian Americans with family in Managua, Nicaragua.  We then hiked near the large crater and partially around the San Francis Crater.  The volcano is actually 4 craters in one with one crater currently active.

Then we started our hike back to the entrance.  We walked through lava fields, these lava flows were not barren like in Arizona, here it is a dry tropical forest.  Along the way we saw a lizard who danced across the hot pavement. Crazy Lizard #1 Mpeg Video

Feb 12 Granada.  Worked on the web site for a few hours today.  Went to a pizza place in town Tele Pizza, it was the best garlic and tomato pizza I have had in a very long time.  We drank a Cuba Libra with Ana and elka.  
Feb 13 Granada.  Our plan today are to take the boat from Granada to AltaVista via the boat.  The boat ride is 4 to 5 hours long.  The weather was not very good for traveling on the sea, it was very windy and the white caps of the waves were being whipped up.  I went down to the boat dock to see when the boat was leaving, we were getting conflicting times, of 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.  Tim went to the internet cafe to post the web page.  I went down to the dock at 1:15 PM and the boat was loading.  I took one look at the lake and decided that it was too rough to go.   Tim would have been miserable and I probably would have too.  The owner of Hospedaje Central also told me that everyone gets sick on that boat so that was all I had to hear.  We decided to stay one more night and ride to Rivas and then San Jorge the next day.

We check back into our old room and went out for Pizza at Tele pizza.  It is the best pizza I have had in a long time and a large is only C80.

Feb 14 Granada- San Jorge, then on to Ometepe via the ferry. Since we thought we were just rolling our bikes onto a boat we bought two weeks worth of food for camping.  So both our bikes were loaded down more than usual.  After wandering around town for 15 minutes we found the road out of town.  It was the same road that we went to the horse festival on.  It is funny but I did not notice how much we climbed up.  We climbed 300 meters to the pass.   Once on top we had a decent tail wind and we covered the kilometers quickly.   Then we turned onto the Pan-American highway and our tailwind was now a cross wind.   Lucky for us it was also cloudy.  Unlucky for us, Tim got another flat.   I am now considering getting a new tire.  He must have a piece of glass or thorn still in his back tire.  We pumped it up and got another 15 kilometers down the road before we had to pump again.  When we rolled into San Jorge we were both pretty hungry, the only restaurant we could find was an expensive one.  We had lunch for C180, Tim said it was my Valentines Day present.  I could not argue.

We then went to the dock at San Jorge.  We were not sure when the boat was coming in, we do know that we just missed the last one.  I could see it on it's way to Ometepe and it was in rough seas.  Tim was not looking forward to this.  The next ferry arrived and we rolled our bikes on a plank to the upper deck.  We sat up top to watch the bikes and get fresh air.  The first 15 minutes were rough but after that it calmed down   We paid C15 each for us and C5each for our bikes to get for San Jorge to Moyogalpa.

We were extremely tired and sun burnt when we got into Moyogalpa. We stayed at the Pension Chela, a family run place for C50 per night.  Tim went to sleep at 6:00 PM and I went to sleep at 7:30 PM.

80 Km
Feb 15 Moyogalpa.  Today was a rest day, I had sun burnt legs and I did not want to get out into the sun.  While eating lunch at the restaurant next door to our pension, we met Tanya from Germany and Phil from Canada.  We made plans to go hike Volcano Madera in the morning..  
Feb 16 Volcán Maderas.  We met at Hospedaje Central at 6:30 am.  There were six of us.  Bart from Holland, Brad from Australia, Tanya from Germany and Phil from Canada.  The taxi to Volcán Maderas from Moyogalpa was C250 or C42 per person.  It took an hour to get there via dirt roads. We arrived at Finca Magdalene and had breakfast before we set out on the hike.  We hired a guide for Volcano Maderas for C58 per person.  A total of C348 ($24).  It turns out that we really did not need a guide.  A rope had been placed in the area where we needed it.  If you decide to go up on your own just make sure you are not the first group so someone else can bring the rope, then a guide would not be necessary.

The first two kilometers were dry, the remaining three kilometers were wet and muddy and got worse as we got close to the top.  It took us 4.5 hours to ascend the volcano including the trip down to the lake and 3.5 hours to return.  I enjoyed the scenery on the way up. We spent about an hour at the lake, we were in luck it had cleared up and we could see the entire inner cone of the volcano.  Our trip down the volcano was muddy beyond belief.  The trail had been tramped so bad that it was like a skating rink.  In areas I was afraid that I would leave my shoe behind in the mud.  We finally got down and sat and had a beer at Finca Magdalena.  When Bart tried to arrange for a taxi through the staff at the finca, his response was, it will cost US $40 and you would be better off to spend the night.  None of us wanted to spend the night so we started walking down the road in search of a car, taxi, truck, anything.  Bart spoke with a cyclist along the road and he said he would try and find us a taxi nearby, if he could not find one then he would ride to Santa Domingo to see if there was one there.  On the way down the road we met the Mayor of Santa Domingo and he was kind enough to give us a ride to Santa Domingo.   While in Santa Domingo we met up with the biker we talked to and he had arranged a ride for us back to Moyogalpa.  We all piled into the back of the pickup truck for the ride back.   As we started up this long hill the truck sputtered and came to a stop.  We all had to get out of the truck, we were to heavy to get up the hill.  The truck eventually started and waited for us at the top of the hill.  We all ran to get back into the truck, oh my aching legs.

We finally arrived in Moyogalpa at around 8:PM, the ride cost us a total of C200.   We went out to eat and went to bed as quickly as we could.   We made plans with Phil and Tanya to go to Chaco Verde the next day.  Bart and Brad were leaving the island the next day.

10 km (hike)
Feb 17 Chaco Verde. We met Phil and Tanya at around 11:00, ate lunch and caught the bus out to Chaco Verde.   Chaco Verde is a nice beach with a few Hospedaje (guest house) and lots of rest and relaxation.  While we were there a local came down to the lake to collect fresh water.  While we were there we met Jennifer from Colorado and she caught a ride with us back to Moyogalpa.  Everyone was sore from the hike yesterday.  
Feb 18 Moyogalpa.  We worked on the web page this morning.  I washed cloths by hand, a cool activity in a hot place.  I also started reading a new book, Carlos Castaneda, The teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui way of knowledge.  Tim fixed his flat tire for the 5th or 6th time.  I think our tires are getting worn.

We are planning to leave tomorrow morning early.  We were trying to post the web page and the electricity went out in the town.  I guess we will have to try somewhere else.   We went out to dinner and met Ernie and Jane.  They are from Jamaica.   They are visiting their son Adrian who is in the Peace Corp.  Ernie is a musician, a fine good musician.  We met Oscar, his family, Brenda and her family.   Ernie and Oscar played guitar together for evening.  Ernie planned on doing a concert for the locals tomorrow night.  We could not resist, we decided that we would stay one more night.

Feb 19 Moyogalpa.  We went for a short bike ride today from Moyogalpa to Chaco Verde.  The road was dirt with sandy sections.  I am glad that we decided to stay in Moyogalpa, it would have been difficult riding a loaded bike on these roads.   The traffic was low but the road had deep sand in some areas.  It was pretty hot today so we took it easy most of the day.  Tim tried to post his web page again and again the electricity went out.  We packed our bikes so we could get on the early ferry in the morning.  Tim has decided not to take Dramamine, it makes him sleepy.   We plan to ride 70 kilometers tomorrow and cross the border into Costa Rica.   We heard that this crossing could take up to 4 hours because of paperwork and inspections.

Ernie concert was delayed because the electricity went out.  He did play for an hour.  He had a Sony x box that played back up while he sang.

24 km
Feb 20 Moyogalpa, Nicaragua - La Cruz, Costa Rica.  We loaded our bikes onto the 6:30 am ferry to San Jorge.  Tim was taking the trip without Dramamine.   The first 45 minutes of the ride was relatively smooth.  Fifteen minutes from the dock the sea began to get very rough.  I had gone to the back of the boat to get our money.  It cost C15 per person and C5 per bike for a one hour ferry ride.   The sea was so rough I could not get back to the front of the boat.  It did not help that the boat deck was metal, there were no railings, and I had my bike shoes on with cleats.  As I sat in the back I watched the boat pitch left and right and then up and down.  A little girl sitting behind Tim was getting sick, they tried to hang her over the edge of the boat, this just made it worse for her.  I began to get worried about Tim.  I knew his stomach must be turning.  I could see from where I sat that he was turning a bit white.  We made it into dock and Tim jumped off the boat as soon as he could.  He looked a little weathered but he did not get sick.

Soon we were off to the border of Costa Rica.  We rode along Lake Nicaragua for 35 kilometers, the wind was pretty strong off the water, the road was relatively flat but the head wind slowed us down.  We got to the border at around 11:00 am.  I got our entrance stamp quickly, there was no one else in the room, changed money, and got waved through customs all in a matter of 15 minutes.  I was wondering if I missed something.  We sat down and ate a large lunch and waited until 1:00 PM to ride.   It was definitely hot but we had some cloud cover and shade that helped reduce the heat.  The exchange rate I got at the bank was 384 colons for $1.

Got a room in La Cruz, near the bus station.  This hotel did not have a sign, we were directed there by some locals.  We had a room with a private bath and TV for C3,500 (

70 km
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DSC00039.JPG (583186 bytes)
Tim entering Nicaragua.

DSC00014.JPG (595947 bytes)
Herding cattle in Condega, Nicaragua.


DSC00057.JPG (546428 bytes)
Political Graffiti promoting the Sandinista movement.

DSC00042.JPG (619117 bytes)
Cindie looking at the pictures of the Sandinista fighters who died in the decades of conflict.

DSC00007.JPG (526944 bytes)
Cindie drafting (hiding from the wind) behind a farm tractor in the windy flatlands of Nicaragua.

DSC00010.JPG (597635 bytes)
Sunrise over a Nicaraguan Rice Patty

DSC00106.JPG (532420 bytes)

DSC00084.JPG (601396 bytes)
Ferris wheel with the church behind it.

DSC00110.JPG (526039 bytes)
Volcán Masaya.

DSC00089.JPG (586406 bytes)
On the edge of the crater.

DSC00037.JPG (500635 bytes)

DSC00039.JPG (576182 bytes)




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Our Final Weeks in Mexico

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Thumbnail Page of Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Museum La Venta and the Olmec Heads Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
- Villahermosa, Tabasco  to Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico
- Palenque #1 Photo Picture Page
- Palenque #2 Photo Picture Page
- Misol-Ha Waterfall Chiapas, Mexico
- Agua Azul Chiapas, Mexico
- Tonina Mayan Ruins Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico
- Mexico's Day of the Dead Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico
- Ocosingo to Cuauhtemoc Chiapas, Mexico


(Dec 2 - 15, 2002)
Guatemala #1: The Highlands
Quetzaltenango to Antigua

Cindie's Daily Journals
Guatemala #1 The Highlands

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Guatemala: Riding Through the Highlands

Guatemala: From Paradise to Despair

Other Pages Tim Made
Escuela de Idioma Español Utatlan, Spanish Immersion School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

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Thumbnail Page of Guatemala #1 Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- La Mesilla to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
- The Indigenous Highland Village of San Andreas Xecul
- Climbing the Volcano Santa Maria.
- Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
- Quetzaltenango to Antigua, Guatemala.
- San Pedro la Laguna Lago (Lake) Atitlan, Guatemala
- Lago (Lake) Atitlan Santa Cruz to San Marcos Hike
- More San Pedro Photos Photo Page


(Dec. 16, 2002 - Jan. 6, 2003)
Guatemala #2: Northeast Towards the Caribbean
Antigua to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Cindie's Daily Journals
Guatemala #2
: Heading Northeast Towards the Caribbean

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Antigua, Guatemala to the Sea

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail Page of Guatemala #2 Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- The Colonial City of Antigua, Guatemala. #1
- The Historical City of Antigua, Guatemala. #2
- The Active Volcano Pacaya, Near Antigua
- Antigua to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
- The Mayan Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
- Livingston, Guatemala


(January 7 - 31, 2003)
From the Guatemalan Border to the Nicaraguan Border

Cindie's Daily Journals

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Honduras: From the Guatemalan Border to the Nicaraguan Border

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Thumbnail Page of Honduras Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Honduras: The Border to Comayagua, Honduras
- Omoa, Honduras and Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa
- Parque Nacional Cero Azul Meambar, Honduras Page #1
- Parque Nacional Cero Azul Meambar, Honduras Page #2
- Comayagua to Tegucigalpa, Honduras
- Tegucigalpa, Honduras to the Border with Nicaragua
- Odds and Ends


(Feb. 1 - 19, 2003)
From the Honduras Border to the Costa Rican Border

Cindie's Daily Journals

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Nicaragua: Travels Through a Troubled Land

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail Page of Nicaragua Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Nicaragua: The Honduras border to Esteli, Nicaragua
- Esteli, Nicaragua:  the Stronghold of the Sandinista
- Esteli to Granada, Nicaragua
- Granada, Nicaragua #1
- Granada, Nicaragua #2
- Volcano Masaya - Near Managua, Nicaragua
- Granada, Nicaragua to the Costa Rican Border
- Isla / Island Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua
- Ernie, The Entertainer from Jamaica


(Feb. 21 - March 14, 2003)
Costa Rica #1
La Cruz to Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

Cindie's Daily Journals
Costa Rica #1

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Costa Rica #1 (incomplete)

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail Page of Costa Rica #1 Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Nicaraguan Border to Playa Tamarindo
- Liberia, Guancaste, Costa Rica.
- Playa Tamarindo
to Playa Samara
- Playa Samara to Playa Jaco
- Manuel Antonio National Park #1
- Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica #1
- Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica #2


(March 15 - April 10, 2003)
Costa Rica #2
Manual Antonio to Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Cindie's Daily Journals
Costa Rica #2

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Costa Rica #2 (incomplete)

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail Page of Costa Rica #2 Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Parque National Manuel Antonio, #2
- City of Santa Elena and Monteverde
- Butterfly Garden, Santa Elena, Monteverde
- Finca Ecological, Monteverde
- Frog Pond (Ranario), Santa Elena
- Santa Elena, Cloud Forest, National Park
- Sky Walk, Suspension Bridge, Canopy Tour
- Sky Trek Zip Line, Canopy Tour
- Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve


(April 12 - 17, 2003)
Panama City, Panama

Cindie's Daily Journals

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Panama (Incomplete)

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail Page of Panama Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Panama City #1
- Panama City #2
- Panama Canal

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5 New Zealand
9-16-07 to 5-2-08
6 Alaska, Canada, and the USA
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5-1-10 to present
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