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The Road That Has No End:
How we traded our ordinary lives for a global bicycle touring adventure.

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This first book progresses from how we made the decision to travel, ditched our careers, sold our possessions, and funded our bicycle journey around the world and goes on to describe the day to day adventures from Arizona, USA to Panama City, Panama.

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The RoadNews Newsletter is written on the road as I travel on my bicycle.

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Back Cover Book Description

"An Inspiring and Daring True Adventure"  Dare to live a dream! Tim and Cindie Travis accomplish the unthinkable, in an unprecedented worldwide cycling adventure. Their clever story explores the depths of humanity, as they expose themselves to lifeís perils on roads less traveled.

 This story is written as it happens, on the road. Digital technology and dot com know-how are in harmony with minimalist living. The result is salt-of-the-earth drama related on the fly through an internet journal, culminating in a series of captivating true stories. A winning combination of integrity and know-how, with a relaxing informal prose, become informative nonfiction that reads like a novel.

 This first book progresses from the shedding of a traditional lifestyle to discoveries made on their bicycle journey from Arizona, USA to Panama City, Panama. On bicycle, the Travisís are exposed to the ground level of society, an experience few outsiders will ever know. Along the way, the Travisís witness a religious pilgrimage in Chalma, Mexico, visited ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, were attacked by an airplane spraying pesticides in Guatemala and saw alligators, scarlet Macaws and three-toed sloths in the jungles and cloud forests of Costa Rica. You can check on their location, catch up on the latest news, and view stunning photographs from their global bicycle tour at their extensive web site: This is a great addition to your high adventure travel collection.

About the Author

Tim Travis has been everything from a bicycle mechanic to a Special Education Teacher with a Masters degree.

Tim started riding a bicycles in the mid-1970ís with a Campy five-speed bike, wool shorts and one of those funny leather helmets that cyclists wore back then. The bicycle racing movie ďBreaking Away,Ē hit the theaters and he quickly fell into racing. He was immersed in racing until he graduated from Indiana University in 1991 with a bachelorís degree in Physical Education.

Tim excels at being a traveler and a storyteller. Tim spends his days living international bike touring adventures and nights writing about them in his tent. The ability to capture in writing and photography the extraordinary events that only living cheaply on a bicycle creates is a very special gift to the readers of his books.

Table of Contents - Back Cover - Reviews - Pictures - Read Chapter 1
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Table of Contents

1 Leaving It All Behind -  Read Here Listen to mp3
2 Arizona: Freedom at Last!
3 Mexico: Crossing Over
4 Colonial Cities and Cantinas
5 Overcoming the Language Barrier
6 Whatís That in my Soup!
7 Our Mexican Pilgrimage
8 Nightmare in the Jungle
9 Guatemala: Exotic Cultures, Volcanoes and Fireworks
10 From Paradise to Despair
11 Honduras: So Much Poverty
12 Nicaragua: Sandinistas and Contras
13 Costa Rica: Monkeys, Iguanas and Surfers
14 Panama: Not without My Bike

Book Reviews

Book Reviews for

The Road That Has No End
How We Traded Our Ordinary Lives for a Global Bicycle Touring Adventure

David Thomson (Oregon, USA) November 5, 2007

Adventure traveling with Tim and Cindie

This is a terrific adventure story. Tim and Cindie Travis have one adventure after another touring the world by bicycle. Unlike travel books that gloss over much of the trip to focus on a few highlights, this book gets you into the day by day travel adventure frame of mind. While several days might go by without a headline event, I loved following along and wondering what was around the next bend. The descriptions of people met along the way, and how they relate to Americans and foreigners in general are wonderful.

F. Thomas "Touring Bicycle Lover" (Southern California) August 12, 2007

An Excellent Read and Source of Encouragement for Any Adventurer

A fascinating couple who have risked it all to step outside of the box and launch an adventure of a lifetime. An interesting perspective of life on the road on bicycles and the challenges met in countries across the globe. Worth the time to read even if you never leave your easy chair!

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A Bicycle Touring Adventure Book that May Change Your Life.