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Down The Road in South America:
A Bicycle Tour through Poverty, Paradise, and the Places in Between.

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The around the world bicycle touring adventures continues in the second book about exploring South America. This part of the journey was even more challenging with the highest mountains, coldest nights, and the most dangerous situations yet.

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The RoadNews Newsletter is written on the road as I travel on my bicycle.

Back Cover Book Description

"Finding the Endless Road"  Imagine selling all of your treasured possessions, leaving your comfortable life behind and heading out for unknown lands equipped with nothing but a bicycle, the bare essentials and a map.

It would be the experience of a lifetime. But, what would it take - logistically, financially, emotionally - to make it a way of life?

In their first book, The Road That Has No End, Tim and Cindie Travis detail their story of quitting the corporate world to spend a year on their bikes - starting from their hometown of Prescott, Arizona and finishing in Panama City, Panama.

Down The Road in South America, their second book, takes us through the next phase of their journey the following year - from Quito, Ecuador and through South America. But they soon discover they’re on another kind of journey - one that would allow them to live the nomadic life indefinitely.

Travel with Tim and Cindie as they ride thousands of miles through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Experience what it’s like to be an American abroad during wartime; be invited into people’s homes and share their food, cultures and traditions; escape roadside robbers; sleep under the stars; witness the breathtaking beauty and devastating poverty of South America.

But most importantly, cheer them on as they come to the realization that their road truly has no end.

About the Authors

Tim Travis has been everything from a bicycle mechanic to a Special Education Teacher with a Masters degree. Cindie worked as a geologist prior to the start of their epic adventures.

Tim started riding a bicycles in the mid-1970’s with a Campy five-speed bike, wool shorts and one of those funny leather helmets that cyclists wore back then. The bicycle racing movie “Breaking Away,” hit the theaters and he quickly fell into racing. He was immersed in racing until he graduated from Indiana University in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Cindie rode a bike during college and started riding again when she met Tim. They did one of their first tours on their honeymoon and Cindie was hooked on bicycle touring ever since.

Tim enjoys spending his days living international bike touring adventures and nights writing about them in his tent. Cindie loves the simplicity and challenge of life on the road.

Table of Contents - Back Cover - Reviews - Pictures - Read Chapter 1
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What we Brought to South America
Chapter 2:: Ecuador: In the Path of a Volcanic Eruption
Chapter 3: Ecuador, Continued: Escaping Thieves on the Road
Chapter 4: Peru: Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But Poverty Can’t Buy Anything
Chapter 5: Peru, Continued: A Bicycle Crash on a Dangerous Road
Chapter 6: Bolivia: Pickpockets in the City
Chapter 7: Bolivia, Continued: Running from Political Violence
Chapter 8: Argentina: Traveling as an American During Wartime.
Chapter 9: Chile: Finding the Endless Road
Chapter 10: Patagonia: Taking the Big Leap
Equipment List
Our route Map of South America

Book Reviews

Book Reviews for

Down The Road in South America:
A bicycle tour through poverty, paradise, and the places in between.

Robert Mackay (May 17, 2009) Florida, USA

wonderful book

This book makes for easy reading and excitement on every page. I look forward to this couple's next adventure and being able to read all about their travels by bike in other parts of the world.

Wayne Jefferies (April 16, 2009) Wodonga Victoria Australia

Enjoyment & Appreciation

I enjoyed this book as well as their first book. It was great to learn how despite different cultures, language, and financial status human kindness, moroeover, human generosity is quite prevalent around this wonderful world. In addition the reader learns how tough and enduring the authors are on there travels similar to the places and people that they travelled through. What an achievement, cycling around the world the length of time that they did, in addition to correlating their trip into 2 books & self publishing these books.

John Hutchison (Elk Mound, WI, USA) April 16, 2009

A MUST read

Not since Into Thin Air have I read a book that was so hard to put down. Very well written. Even if you can't appreciate bicycle touring you would still really enjoy the adventure aspect of this book. Can't wait to read the next in the series.

Steve Parks (Dallas, Texas, USA) April 16, 2009

Live Vicariously

I read the first book before it was on Amazon. Loved it. I just finished this book Down The Road In South America. . . Fantastic. I admire the courage it takes to live out your dreams no matter what other people think and be down to earth about it. If you dream of taking an adventure at some point in your life, read about this one. You'll want to get down the road yourself!!

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI, USA), November 7, 2008

 A memoir of adventure

South America is an incredibly diverse place, filled with both ancient and modern culture. "Down the Road in South America: A Bicycle Tour through Poverty, Paradise, and the Places in Between" is a memoir of adventure, following, Tim and Cindie Travis as they ditched the convenience of North America to embark on a journey southwards. Their trip is filled with excitement and exposure to interesting characters and places, with nearly two hundred black and white photographs. "Down the Road in South America" is a must for anyone considering following their footsteps.







A Bicycle Touring Adventure Book that May Change Your Life.